Data Interoperability

Data_Interoperability_02Since it is the best environment for drafting engineering drawings, Spatial data is mainly produced at the CAD level. When trying to transform these drawings to GIS format directly using native GIS tools, the translation process faces multiple problems that leads to inconvenient conversion due to capabilities limitations in the CAD and GIS software applications. Furthermore, other difficulties arise; considering the tabular-nature of GIS data that CAD data has nothing to do with, which means that the data will be processed at the two levels, and each time the data changes, data entry will take place again.

GIS+ is a partner with Safe Software, the global leader in spatial data transformation that introduces the FME Safe solution, this software acts as a third-party conversion engine that can translate spatial data easily and smoothly between CAD and GIS formats. With just one click you can transform your CAD drawings to GIS features, and again with only one click you can reflect the edits and updates on the source data in your GIS system, and regarding the data entry it will be done once a life!